Super Saver budget book 2023

Super Saver budget book

Of the Super Saver-Budget Book Download offers cost-conscious consumers an Excel spreadsheet for detecting their income and expenditure. In addition, the free worksheet contains a built-in calculator for the consumption of electricity and fuel.

Super Saver-Budget Book Download

In addition to the pure detection of the red and black numbers the saving tip budget book provides useful saving tips for reducing expenses. The consumption calculator also protects against unpleasant surprises when the accounts of the utilities drifting in the mailbox. Super Saver-budget accounts can be opened and edited with OpenOffice Calc.

Conveniently, perform integrated links to comparison shopping sites on the Internet. In the download section, a version of the Budget Code shall with the XXL version with more capacity. In addition, there is provided a currency-neutral Edition for download.

Super Saver-Budget Book Download