CK-Bauernskat 2023


CK-Bauernskat brings a Version of the popular card game Skat in virtual form on the computer. Unlike the traditional Skat this variation is played instead of the three of only two.

CK-Bauernskat Download as Skat entertaining variant

Bauernskat is also referred to more often than Offiziersskat or Räuberskat. The Variant of the Skat game for two people is played with partly open and partly covered cards. The dealer deals the other players and four cards themselves, which are placed face down. After that, four open cards are sent to the hidden. The opponents of the giver now chooses the trump suit and dealt four cards face up to its past hidden. The remaining 16 cards are designed as a more covert and overt cards.

CK-Bauernskat Download

The winner needs at CK Bauernskat 61 points

Trump cards are the cards of the chosen color and the four boys in the wake clubs, spades, hearts, diamonds. Thereafter, the stockings follow in the order Ace, 10, King, Queen, 9, 8 and 7 of the specified color. The trump suit decides on the play value. The highest is the Grand with 24, followed by cross (12), spades (11), heart (10) and diamonds (9). If a player chooses to junk, the player who receives the fewest points wins. Stocking or paint must be served. Otherwise, you can drop or prick with a trump. When a face-down card is visible through the play of a card, this is turned upside down and can henceforth be used. Who will score 61 or more points is considered the winner Bauernskat-game. both players have exactly 60 points, is the player the winner who has not determined the trump card.

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Skat with the German or the French Journal

From the factory, according to the CK-Bauernskat Download and the installation of pre-French card designs. Those who prefer to play with the traditional German leaf, this just sets in the options of free card game. Likewise, you change the forehand from the computer to the human player and has special points for Grand, Schneider or black to.

Many preferences in CK-Bauernskat

Under Options / General player names can be customized. Here the player can also choose whether man or machine "forehand" get or whether this should be randomly selected. be under tone to suppress noise and the voice output or activate. In the skill level can choose from beginners and professionals there. Under Payroll you can specify a score from 1 to 999,999 points at game end. The default here is the value of 30. The player determines whether the game Billing is based on the Skat and what optional points should there be. It also can decide if a Grand and a draw should be allowed.

CK-Bauernskat Download Trumpf

Define animation effects using the slider

stand at surface / Operation Two different sets of cards to choose from. Beginners, the game easier by the eyes are counting on the screen. In addition, you can specify whether the Tataturbedienung is approved whether Note boxes must be confirmed whether a home screen after starting the program is carried out and whether one wishes animation effects. Their speed can be adjusted using a slider as you wish. More Skat can be found for free download in our software catalog. For quick Skatpartie during the lunch break Since with the freeware game tries his luck against a computer opponent, the CK-Bauernskat is Download between excellent for a quick game. The set of rules is based on that of the original Skat and can be viewed in the program in detail – handy for beginners.

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