With the clipinc download can be downloaded as MP3 stored in your own music collection and offline heard all tracks from Spotify.

The perfect music library with Spotify and the ClipInc Download

Spotify is one of the most successful music streaming services and can even - be restricted and supported by advertising used free of charge. However, the tracks can play back only with an existing internet connection. For those that want to enjoy the extensive selection of music ad-free and / or offline, the need for around ten euros per month to access premium account - or ClipInc download. The tool automatically cuts all tracks with that are heard on Spotify and stores them including cover and media data.

Easy operation and self-employed working Recorder

After downloading and installing the tool, the recorder can be started either via the icon in the system tray or a small flag right on the edge of the Spotify user interface to find. This shows at the same time the current download status and, with a simple click of the ability to stop the recording or to be limited to a specific playlist or a single album.

heard while shooting Spotify

This works via a virtual sound card that prevents playback during recording first. To resolve this problem, users simply need to right click open the speaker icon on the taskbar. In the opening menu now select recording equipment must be selected. In the tab recording the entry CABLE Output Tab and the interception must be opened. When a checkmark must now use this device as the source set and the settings with Apply to be confirmed. Following the songs can be played while continuing to record.

clipinc downloadAfter clipinc download these settings need to be adjusted for simultaneous playback. (Picture: Tobit Software AG)

Are the Spotify recordings legal?

This is what can give no clear answer. When streaming - whether audio or video - is currently still a legal gray area. The expensive warning letters, one of which has one or the other may have heard or was even involved in the worst case itself, based on downloads, where a "template manifestly unlawful produced or made publicly available" was used. This is not the case with Spotify. However, there are two limitations:

  1. The made-to-the ClipInc download copy may be used only in private - that listed publicly or disposed of in some way - be.
  2. It violates explicitly against the terms of Spotify, which could actually be a legal problem. However, no cases are currently known in which the provider has taken action against downloads.

Finally, it should be mentioned that it was not the last word in terms of streaming and copyright and you actually care should be taken here.