Who gets the message that his WhatsApp account expires soon learns here how the pay WhatsApp the fastest, safest and easiest to work. More below!

WhatsApp pay Made Easy

To pay for a subscription, the user opens WhatsApp, tap on the menu button and select Settings > account > Payment. Here he learns how long the Messenger still does its job until the free use period has expired. Three different maturity extensions are available. The longer the period fails, the less costly the Messenger can be used for Android download after WhatsApp. You can choose between one, three and five years, which cost 0.89 €, 2.40 € and 3.34 €. Actually, a real bargain price, which should certainly no ruinous. Nevertheless, the WhatsApp's pay for many smartphone owners a nasty, suspicious hurdle.

pay WhatsApp

Payment via their own mobile operators as the most convenient way

the possibility of using Google Wallet and send to other payment link to send a payment URL by e-mail to a PC so the option to remain fundamentally in the current version of WhatsApp two payment options, for one. Google Wallet offers several different alternatives of Payment: A credit card via Google gift card or a Google Play balance, a wireless service provider or with PayPal. but do not pay all of the options for Whatsapp are available in all countries. The available options are not displayed until after the payment request through Google Wallet was expressed. The most convenient is certainly the payments through its own Carrier: The bill is simply deducted from its own assets. However, this payment method will not support only in certain networks.

WhatsApp pay Google Play

WhatsApp pay by credit card

Payment by credit card is also fairly straightforward. The user enters in the input field his credit card information and the amount for the chosen subscription will be charged. Who does not want to store their credit card information on the Google Store, also can use PayPal subscriptions for the extension of their own WhatsApp. First, the request to enter the own PayPal account information takes place here. The user logs in and the subscription amount will be paid immediately.

WhatsApp pay credit card

Send Payment link an e-mail

About the Send Payment link to send an email to yourself or to a friend who will take over the renewal of subscriptions for the user. The mail contains a link to a Web address, you can pay by the WhatsApp via PayPal. This has the advantage that the user may enter from any PC in the payment process and this can do other people for their own subscription. For this, they need not have access to their own mobile phone and no passwords or credit card information can be stored on the smartphone. it is important to accurately use the link provided because the own telephone number is a part of the link generated by WhatsApp, therefore it is not possible to pay for several friends simultaneously.

WhatsApp pay for a friend

Another way to pay WhatsApp, is to hire a friend from WhatsApp contact list it. The user opens this the Messenger, click the menu button > settings > contacts > pay for a friend. Now choose a contact from the list and gives the term of the subscription and the payment method. Once the extension is successfully completed, the mandated friend and the cell phone owner will be informed directly about WhatsApp. After the payment, it can take three to five days until it is processed and the account for the desired period is enabled. The one-year extension, three years or five years is again visible under Payment in Messenger. Who does not use Android smartphone, but a Windows Phone or iPhone will have to launch their devices to new.