The Android keyboard app from the house of Google promises with a number of helpful features that make it easier to enter text for the user significantly. On board therefore include voice input, word recognition and gesture typing. And do not forget the colorful selection of emoji like the small icons are mentioned here.

Android keyboard app simplifies text entry

The keyboard is probably the most widely used application on the smartphone. Whether, take notes for sending e-mails, to chat or surf - everywhere comes the text input is used. And precisely because it is constantly in use, it is particularly annoying when something is wrong. For example, if it was perhaps designed impractical to small comes or missing important characters in the first cast. Equally annoying is when the text input is completely lernresistent and constantly tinkering the same word salad is. there are fortunately many useful system utilities software that facilitate the use of the operating system for these and other problems. One is the Android keyboard app that clearly focus the Simplification of text entry sets. To accomplish this, the application versatile functions in the luggage has.

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Keyboard with sophisticated text input features for Android

To facilitate Android users typing of texts, Google Keyboard has the same screwed in many different places. One is the intelligent movement input. Here, the user can press keyboard by swiping, without the finger to solve the touchscreen. Say, for example, to the word Hello written, touching the h and wipes his finger to the remaining letters. In this way, even whole sentences, because the movement input also takes into account space. A feature that is already known from other applications, the predictive text input. However, the advantage here is that Google has the function capable of learning. That is, those who use other Google programs will notice a significant improvement in detection. using this personalized word completions, suggestions or corrections can actually save a lot of time when typing. Who typing but generally is too uncomfortable to look forward to as well. Also for the Android keyboard has a solution: the voice input. Here also some tweaks and enhancements have been made since the initial release. For example, can now be also add emoji, using the voice command. However, this feature is so far limited to the English. And how useful this feature is, everybody has to find out for yourself.

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New Shoes of the keyboard app

Besides the option to add emoji, by voice, Google has with the last update more input languages introduced. The suggestions and corrections have been further refined and expanded as already indicated with regard to linguistic diversity. Thus, the Android keyboard app provides inter alia, proposals in Spanish. was most obviously well the displacement of the voice input button. This has slipped from lower left to upper right of the word suggestions. On the open space, the comma key has been found, making it fortunately again directly accessible. Furthermore have been bug fixes and improvements in stability performed. Free Keyboard for Android phones Google brings the app a standard keyboard for Android on the market, which should be compatible with all smartphones this operating system. The keyboard is simply therefore, can therefore be used well. It also contains useful features that simplify text entry much easier and faster. Who is unhappy with the preinstalled keyboard on their smartphone or tablet, should hereby dare try again.