Aviary Photo Editor installed an image editing app on the home screen of Windows 8. The free Win app follows the design language of Microsoft's Modern UI and provides basic tools for simple image processing without prior technical knowledge. Calling the app Aviary Photo Editor presents a partial overview of the existing images in the directory photos and graphics. If you have selected an image, the selection of available photo tools appears at the bottom of the screen. Tools such as turning, cutting, or text are just as present in Aviary Photo Editor as filters for contrast, brightness and saturation. Retouching tools focus, red-eye effect or blur complete the free graphics tool. Aviary Photo Editor pursued an unusual operating concept, which should especially newcomers in the field to address image processing for image processing. The particularly simple operation is paid for by a sometimes limited for professionals sounding tool selection. In short, does a free photo editing for Windows 8, the basic photographic works simply and well.