Only to make phone calls smartphones are much too good for a long time. With the Internet-enabled mini-computers in your pocket can be even more do than surf the Web - or check emails. Popular devices are mainly because of the free games. The 4 pictures 1 word app one of the most Popular. The gameplay is easy to explain: Find the word that is common to the images shown four.

Users of the 4 pictures 1 word app must guess common generic term

Users can see the game on their Android smartphone four images. The task now is to find out the common generic term for this quartet. Sounds at first very simple, but can be quite tricky in practice.

4 pictures 1 word app

Every now and then it can happen that some pictures are not properly recognized and the player does not come on in this way. keep nerve is then announced, because by clicking on the image can be enlarged so that is at least in this respect, the rise in the game not handicapped.

Unsolved puzzles can not be skipped

Those who still do not progresses, various methods can use. The player is never left alone quasi. Nevertheless, everything has its price. In practice this means: At the beginning of the game, each player receives a certain number of coins. He will not come on because he did not guess the common generic term of a four-images-riddle, he can take various assistance in claims against payment of coins. just skip the unsolved puzzles and proceed to the next, you can not. Before the player can dive into the next level, he must have solved the present.

4 pictures 1 word puzzle app

Rästel-assistance costs coins

The various assistance costs the player a different amount of coins. Any indication that he or she takes to solve the task to complete, will cost a certain amount of money. However, the amounts elsewhere can be replenished by solving another mystery. Are the amounts of money but once used up, replenishment via the in-app purchase can be purchased.

Post with 4 pictures 1 word app on Facebook

The game is installed in no time on any Android smartphone. The four images one word app just download start in our download area for free play. Registration is omitted as well as complicated rules. However, this does not mean that the solution of the four images puzzle is always easy. And so quickly does not go out to the developers and the reservoir. On the contrary! In the current version, many new picture puzzles have been added. Also, the sound effects have been improved and users can post to solve the mystery all four pictures on Facebook.

4 pictures 1 word app solution

The pefekte puzzle fun on the go About 150 million players worldwide can not be wrong. For as often as four images was one word Android already downloaded. No wonder, since the rules of the game you have to not only read for hours, but can practically get started right away, so the quiz is also among the best Smartphone game apps 2015 (video on YouTube) after installation. Nevertheless, the individual puzzles from time to time are really nice demanding. taken all together is 4 pictures 1 word the ideal game for in between. If that's still not enough: Here you can download more puzzle games for free.