Driver Reviver

Driver Reviver

With the Driver Reviver Download keep users the system drivers of your computer automatically up to date. So the update specialist ensures optimal and safe use of all components of the PC and improves performance quickly and easily.

Update Driver to the Driver Reviver Download

Current system drivers bring bug fixes, performance improvements and new features for built devices free free. Driver Reviver automatically search for the latest drivers based global database of over 10 million drivers listed. Instead of looking now appropriate to individual international manufacturer websites driver files &# 45; this need not always be fun – provide users with the driver animators with a few clicks for an all-round update of all components of your system.

Individual drivers can be excluded from the update

Categorical Nichtauskenner likely to appreciate the simple and beginner-friendly interface. Anyone know anything more about the built-in system devices and the configuration can also exclude individual drivers from the update, which he does not want to renew. Before any amendment Driver Reviver is the way for safety’s sake a restore point. So any mistakes after downloading an update have been fixed with a few clicks again – better safe than sorry.

Driver Reviver Download

Driver Reviver is a clear list of outdated drivers

The operation of the shareware is self-explanatory. After Driver Reviver downloaded and installed automatically, a system check and the shareware will present the result. The system utility reveals how many outdated drivers have been unearthed and presented a clear list. For each driver can be called more information by clicking on Details. Among other things, these show the manufacturer of the device and the driver, which driver version is installed in the system and what is already available now.

Driver Reviver Download Driver List

The driver specialist makes a recommendation

The driver specialist also gives a recommendation by classifying the age of the system driver. A scale ranges from old very old to historic. Before each driver in the list a little check mark can be seen, which is set by default. Who wants to exclude individual drivers from the update, simply removes the corresponding check mark and they are ignored.

The driver check can be carried out at regular intervals

In the settings, the user can make their own schedule settings and have the system checked at regular intervals for outdated drivers. This can be done daily, weekly or for example, on a certain day at a specified time. More drivers tools provides our rich software offering for free download.

Limitations of Driver Reviver

The trial version does not download current drivers.