Of the Free PDF Converter Download makes its name and useful as a free converter for various document formats. The Freeware done either as a download or as an online PDF Converter, depending on your taste of the user.

Free Download PDF Converter supports many file formats

For which of the two options you adopt, the Free PDF Converter] for example, converts documents from Word to PDF, but also dominates the opposite direction and converts PDF to Word files, such as the number of downloads of PDF control software. However, the converter processes not only locally stored files, but also converts accessed online files into PDFs, for which the address in question must be entered only.

PDF converter available for download, and Web App

list all supported by the Free PDF Converter Download Free PDF Converter or the Web App file formats, blew every frame here, so can be found in the download area a link to a corresponding list of the manufacturer. The processed files are the converter in any event either as a regular PDF or PDF / A, or converts it to PNG, JPG or TIFF images.

pdf converter freeware file formats for many

The conversion process in this case runs in the easiest possible way: First choose the original file, whereupon the Free PDF Converter these uploads to its server and a validation takes. Result is positive, you select the desired output format, click on the Convert button and the conversion is initiated. The finished document, then you load manually to the computer down, let it automatically to an email address send and stores it directly in Google Docs.

Free conversion and PDF

Analog extends converting PDF output files. Here, the PDF Converter is divided into several tabs, keep the following output options available:

  • PDF to Word - are DOCX, DOC and RTF from
  • PDF to Excel - is XLSX and XML from
  • PDF to PowerPoint - outputs PPTX
  • PDF to Image - are PNG, JPG, and TIFF

A final tab provides especially for users with slower internet connection the opportunity to submit their source files by e-mail from the manufacturer of the converter and get sent after processing the PDFs by email. Depending on the conversion process Free PDF Converter Download use as well as Free PDF Converter Web App're using different email addresses in order to facilitate the conversion.

Something annoying waiting time must be taken into account

Whichever conversions can also be used as free PDF Converter, the conversion runs quite quickly and in an uncomplicated way. But you have to live with a timeout as users of the free version, as it is known from one-click-hosters. This prevents conversion to a file for first 15 minutes, the re-use of the service, after the second conversion, the waiting time is prolonged to 26 minutes and so on. In addition, the PDF converter each knits as freeware only one file at a time to. Those who want to get rid of these restrictions, for the manufacturer offers a variety of subscription models.

Free PDF Converter Web App

Download version of the converter no longer available

Regard should also be the case that the download version of Free PDF Converter officially no longer offered and will not be further developed accordingly. Moreover, this was constantly in the test from script error messages, but was doing their service anyway. Nevertheless, it is recommended to convert the PDF to use solely of comfort for the sake of Web App. Both versions of the converter out for use, but this is not too much of a negative factor due to the extremely simple and intuitive operation, moreover, only in English - especially given the wide variety of supported file formats.

Limitations of Free PDF Converter

No batch conversion; Waiting time after each conversion.