Of the HausM download facilitates both private and commercial landlords manage their properties. The shareware recorded as many rental properties together with their tenants and associated master data and the costs involved.

HausM download as smart property managers for landlords

In the databases of the electronic managing agent HausM to find space for relevant information such as the address of the building concerned, for contact and bank details of the owner as well as the tenant. The floor space of rental properties can be deposited here, also manages the last meter readings for electricity, water, gas and Co. regarding finances HausM both done and outstanding payments for rent and utilities.

HausM downloadHausM Download as thoughtful property managers for private and commercial landlords

Integrated backup module for data security

Evaluations break on debits and credits to individual tenants or houses and list also reminders or expenditure. Finally, a calendar overview for appointments and an integrated backup module for the security of the data provides. Advanced functions for the WEG management provides HAUS6 the same manufacturer. These Shareware we offer for download.

Limitations of HausM

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