With the Blackpills app raises an independent streaming portal perfectly legal to competition for Netflix and Co. And even completely legal and free. Here you find out more!

Exclusive content from the app Blackpills

The streaming market - especially the Legal - is highly competitive. Netflix, Amazon Prime video or max cathedrals are major players on the market that have already displaced some other services. They are legal and have all one thing in common: they cost and pull the user monthly or annually a certain amount out of pocket.

By contrast, now faces up to the new provider Blackpills - with its own concept. the content can be streamed only on the Blackpills app for iOS and Android - they are tailored to the small screen. For this is the whole - at least initially - free of charge with for you.

Blackpills appThe Blackpills app promises free, legal streaming enjoyment in short series appetizers with exclusive content. (Picture: Blackpills / Editorial)

Blackpills relies on hard, provocative content

Here, is limited only to specially produced content in this streaming service. but have it in them. The likes of Luc Besson have produced the series, well-known actors like James Franco play leading roles and can expect great things. Known series of other production companies but are nowhere.

In addition, kind-hearted souls and young people should keep away from the portal. Because the produced and shown via Blackpills app series stand out particularly explicit content. The service is based on self-reported especially at Millennials, so viewers between 18 and 25 years.

This is reflected in the length - each episode lasts more than 15 minutes and can be so wonderful road stream on the phone - but also in content. It is often about sex, drugs and violence. Nevertheless, the sound series - each week to appear new - exciting and act well produced. Finally budget between 500,000 and three million dollars are available per series. 13 Series offers the user at the beginning.

Blackpills app contentThe contents are specially produced for the app and tailored to 18-25 year olds. (Picture: Blackpills)

"Mixture of HBO and Snapchat"

"A mixture of HBO and Snapchat" - so Blackpills co-founder Patrick Holzman describes the service around the Blackpills app. definitely the water can range Short consequences for constantly standing on the go Millennials with content that Game of Thrones and Co.. Who is on the slightly harder series and wants to take a look at the (still) free program: The app is already available for iPhone, the Google Play store it exists now also - or your invites them down as tested APK with us. already works in German, the series can you stream in English, Spanish and French, but German adjust subtitles. However, I need you sign in with your phone number and receive then a PIN.

The app is funded currently by advertising a later payment model but is probably not excluded. We will keep you up to date.

Blackpills app settingsis registered with the phone number. In the settings you can among other things change the language. (Picture: Blackpills)

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