Of the DuckDuckGo download promises surfers Web search without the infamous Datensammelei. Thus, the search engine offers as an alternative to Google and Co., notably for users, which is located on their privacy.

DuckDuckGo Download as protection against NSA & Co.

According to the company DuckDuckGo for example, excludes the so-called tracking and gather what information to provide users with the use of cookies. In addition, the Web search transmits the request data encrypted with SSL and perfect forward secrecy. The latter method is characterized in that a new key is generated for each session, which is automatically destroyed after the end of the session. This technique is quite relevant because the servers of DuckDuckGo are placed in the US, so the operator can be forced to hand over the user data and the SSL key under the Patriot Act. Perfect Forward Secrecy provides in this case, after all, that a retrospective decryption of the data is not possible - according to current knowledge, anyway.

Given the almost daily new evidence it is doubtful whether DuckDuckGo actually offers complete protection from the prying eyes of NSA and Co.. but who has had enough of the Datensaugerei as operated by Google and Co., is pretty good hands. As an alternative to the DuckDuckGo search services qwant and Startpage and Ixquick offer. The servers of the latter two are completely or partially within the European Union, that is not subject to the constraints of how they can be exercised by the Patriot Act.

DuckDuckGo download