Paradise Bay

With the Paradise Bay app Players can explore an island and they make as they wish. The new game of the successful British supplier of online games Ltd. offers a lovely graphics and numerous opportunities for interaction. The aim of the construction of the game is to help Keani going to let the island shine in all its glory. These resources must be discovered and goods made thereof, it must be ordered fields used turtles and otters as harvesting animals or fruits are collected. Level by level will be unlocked new items and the island a bit more colorful.

Paradise Bay app

A private island with the Paradise Bay app

The island can be designed according to the needs of the players. Almost all regions can be built and modified. At level 15, the articles produced can comparable to the bazaar or are purchased from other games. There are also new animals or exclusive decorations to make Paradise Bay the most beautiful island far and wide. If one does not give up his goods, they can be stored in the windmill or treehouse camp. But beware: The bearings have a limited capacity and the capacity needs to be increased from time to time.

Paradise Bay app market

explore neighboring islands and find treasures

To discover rare animals or precious resources, the environment must be explored. This can be done either via the map table or when visiting the islands of friendly players. In the game there are maps snippets again and again with the help of new islands can be unlocked. On them are found mostly exclusive game content only with the classic in-app currency otherwise - can be purchased - gems and gold. An alternative to get to rare objects, to let emerge the seals for treasure is. Especially on friendly islands so valuable goods can be discovered.

Classic Fremium concept with in-app purchase option

The Paradise Bay app can be installed for free and play. As with almost all free games can be purchased additional content through in-app purchases or the gameplay be accelerated. Who does not want to protect this option in the Play Store with a password. The Play Store app offers three possibilities: from the identification of all purchases over a thirty-minute approval for purchases up to disable this service. Especially when children Paradise Bay Android play, unwanted purchases should be prevented by a password.