The free connection wizard MWconn goes to the operation of surf sticks of any kind. This freeware brings a well-stocked drivers and dial-up data bank and does not lack numerous additional functions. MWconn is the happy-maker for all who call a surf stick for mobile dial-up via GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA or LTE their own. The Connection Manager will automatically detect the connected drive and take care of the dial. The required information, such as the dial-in number, APN, user ID and password for numerous international provider MWconn factory on board. In addition to the usual suspects such as statistics & Co. scores MWconn with a rich range of practical additional functions. These include the measurement of signal strength, an audible signal when changing the available connection, a battery indicator for external drives, SMS Manager, PC remote control, a terminal function for data cards, script support, and for some vendors deactivation of graphics compression and much more. Supported devices: Huawei (and compatible), Novatel (and compatible), option (and compatible), Qualcomm, Sierra (and compatible), ZTE, Linksys WRT54G3G dial-up connection for mobile phones, conventional Wählverbindungsgeräte (such as ISDN) MWconn not look like much, but the wow factor in the use of free UMTS software is all the greater. Many goodies that can be really handy for mobile surfing, make the freeware a real tip. Highly recommended!