Of the Monorail simulator download puts players at the wheel of the legendary Wuppertal transport. The playable demo offers a view of a section of the faithfully implemented route through the Bergisch city.

Monorail simulator download with the currently in police car

are directed at the suspension railway simulator the cars currently in operation, on the section between Vohwinkel and Sonnborner road - as information for local knowledge. The simulation game confronts the charioteer with the genre usual tasks such as keeping the top speed, entry and exit procedures of passengers at bus stops and so on. According to the manufacturer, it may in the course of the game but also come to more or less unpleasant situations with passengers or the operation by technical problems come into bucking.

Monorail simulator download

Whether thus the leap of circus elephants Tuffy off track is meant in the Wupper, it could not be verified. The corresponding track section is not included in the demo of the suspension railway simulator ...

Limitations of suspended coaster simulator

The demo only has a small stretch.