In the free Brain it on! app can dig out their deep verbuddeltes knowledge from physics lessons again users. The game is challenging puzzles based on physical processes - as the head comes up quite a smoldering. In addition, the solution has to be drawn and the clock is ticking ...

Brain it on! App: What was that about the laws of physics?

One would never have thought it: But there are actually moments in life when one wishes one had not slept continuously or in physics lessons written piece of paper. One of those moments advances by downloading this jigsaw puzzle games within reach. Who but beware behaved at school and everything packed into long-term memory, they have learned can finally apply and show his friends what he's a physics genius. All others will indeed stand here and there against major hurdles - but the fun factor that changes absolutely nothing. On the contrary: Brain It On! - Physics puzzles wake up the ambition in any case and train somehow the solution-oriented work.

Brain It On! appBrain It On! App - physics lessons was not in vain

The game is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded free of charge. As usual free-2-play games, there are also in-app products that can be purchased with real money, but not necessarily. In addition, it is also very fair and designed not essential in solving the mystery. Advertising also can turn off even for 0.99 euros.

Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles - tricky challenges

The game comes with over 80 different puzzles to your smartphone or tablet. The challenges from level to level, of course, be steadily more difficult. In each level, the player will see different geometric shapes and figures and gets to a task. For example, he should lift objects or get them to change their position, etc. The tricky part: The user has not eternal time to find the right solution!

Brain It On! App DrawThe solutions for Brain It On! must be drawn

solve physics puzzles by drawing

How to tell the developers of orbital Nine itself, there are various solutions to successfully pass the level - it is enough to find one of them. For the solution of the players themselves have to draw elements in the puzzle. Depending on the task, in the Brain It On! App be the desired object, a circle or hooks. Sometimes help weights or other - like also freehand - geometric shapes. It is only important that the drawing evokes the physical reaction that leads to the solution of the task. In some cases, the design must be able to withstand certain weights, etc.