Of the DreamMail Download as a compact and free e-mail program with its self-learning spam filter provides good protection against unwanted advertising. The freeware supports popular webmail services and SMTP, and POP3 eSMTP.

DreamMail download with all the basic features of a mail client

DreamMail contains all the standard functions of a mail client to manage their own electronic mail with no additional costs. For each user choose a separate mail account can be set up. With the built-in RSS reader DreamMail always stays with the latest news to date. A well thought out search ransacked, extensive mail stocks quickly and reliably.

More than 80 email templates are included

DreamMail supports the formats of other mail programs and imported their mail stocks easily in your own client. Conversely, there are various different export formats are available to transmit their own mailbox in other mail programs. The freeware contains more than 80 mail templates that visually provide a little more variety in the correspondence. DreamMail can be used with a German interface. is somewhat confusing that initially only English, French and Chinese are available in the installer. Therefore, this just start in English, and the surface appears as desired in German at startup itself. A separate German language file is not required.

DreamMail Download

perform a plurality of separate accounts with DreamMail

Thanks to the multi-user management can cause several separate accounts with DreamMail that can be assigned to different people. In addition to standard features, such as writing, deleting, and managing the mail, a global search function and automatic POP / SMTP search render useful services. Those who want to keep their mailbox clean, uses the spam filter blacklist and whitelist. Other convenient features include the Advanced Mail Preview on the mail server and database recovery from system crashes. The handling of the program proves to be user friendly and similar in terms of looks Outlook or Outlook Express

Another important noteThe author has discontinued development of DreamMail. There are, according to his statement a vulnerability in the current version. therefore, the developer does not recommend long-term switch to a different e-mail client such as Thunderbird.