Offline Explorer Enterprise brings complete websites on the net and saves it to local media. The shareware so, the content available even without access to the Web for browsing. In the Enterprise version Offline Explorer invites an unlimited number of files downloaded in parallel. All links are retained in the stored pages, including those for multimedia content such as sound or video files. This can be filtered out at the request of the download. The shareware Offline Explorer Enterprise processes the standard web technologies such as HTML, FTP, Java scripts and classes, as well as CSS and XML. Flash, PDF and RealMedia files provide the program nor with problems such as streamed content of the formats MMS, PNM or RSTP. Who wants to go operate without mobile Internet research, for the Offline Explorer is a sensible solution. The shareware stores websites on media such as CD-R or USB flash drives. tip: The website of the manufacturer there is a combination of Offline Explorer and Mass Downloader **. The Internet Collection called application allows so theoretically even a local copy of entire streaming websites such as YouTube.

Limitations of Offline Explorer

30 day trial version can manage up to 2,000 files per project. No Export is possible.