PantsOff makes the hidden behind asterisks passwords visible. In this way one gets with the freeware-lost passwords back.

PantsOff download for the forgetful

Behind the software PantsOff hides exactly what the name suggests. Literally it means “pants down” and brings hidden behind asterisks passwords to light. A useful tool for their own use, considering that almost one ever did not know a password. The mere possibility in almost all occasions “Remember me” to select and store passwords, leads automatically to forget just this. Whether the data stored in the password manager passwords are lost, or if it was simply forgetful: The free PantsOff download helps in the recovery of lost passwords. Regarding his work, the software is not limited to certain programs. The freeware makes passwords visible in both applications and the browser.

PantsOff downloadPasswords hidden behind asterisks bring to light the PantsOff Download (Image: Scavix Software / Editorial)

In a few steps to retrieve the password

Retrieving forgotten passwords is with the small tool a breeze. Not only that, it is possible with a few clicks, but also without technical requirements of the user. Is how it works: was the PantsOff download is successful, the software can be opened. Now there are two ways to reach the goal. 1. a magnifying glass icon appears in the program window. This can be drawn to the field easily, in which the password is encrypted represented by asterisks. The second option is via the Notifications panel, called the system tray. This is the area next to the clock in the system tray, in which the program is indicated by a key symbol. By right-clicking on this icon, a menu should open. This in turn can now “decrypt field” are selected. Last but not missing a single click in the corresponding password field to convert the asterisks in a plain text. Even the long-lost password is back.

Because the tool uses a method of password-reading, it is classified by some antivirus programs as an intruder and prevented his work. simply disable in this case, for a moment, the antivirus software.

A little hint: In order to avoid future forgetting passwords, you can manage all your passwords centrally. There are numerous free programs that act as a password safe.

Boundaries of the software – which is not allowed

of course, behind the representation of passwords with asterisks lies a security mechanism. Finally, should not everyone have access to certain accounts or programs. Therefore, it is planned to use the skills of the program only for retrieving their own passwords. Hacking other computers can use the program in any case not be performed because PantsOff must be installed when Windows is already started. Those who still tries to exploit the freeware to get hold of passwords by third parties, is liable to prosecution.

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