protect access to USB flash drive with passwordidoo USB Encryption makes ordinary USB flash drives safe from access by unauthorized third parties. The freeware seals off access to sensitive data on the USB memory with a password.

Entering the correct password needed

idoo USB Encryption works similar to the security PIN at an ATM. Only after entering the correct password, users get access to the information in the secure area of ​​the mobile data carrier.

Secure and public area

For this idoo USB Encryption shares initially the disk in a safe and a public area. The secure area is encrypted and, can be opened with a password assigned by the user while the public sector continues to be accessible as normal.

Security barrier for potential data thieves

With idoo USB Encryption put user security hurdle for potential data thieves a good bit higher. But beware: If you forget the password is no longer even on the stored on the stick documents, files and archives more zoom. USB_Encryption_3big

Enable free full version:

Note: In the setup package you will find a TXT file containing a registration code. This key can unlock the free full version. In addition, the setup offers the the Software Informer installation. This is not required for the function of the full version. Some security software to install or run the Software Informer can lead to so-called heuristic hits.