Marine Traffic 2023

Marine Traffic

Marine Traffic makes the home computer a kind of observatory for worldwide shipping. On a world map the web app listed namely what is happening in marine traffic on the seven seas so, and largely in real time. So find an ideal service for wanderlust sufferers, for which other downloads about traveling in our software catalog.

Marine Traffic app shows ship positions worldwide

If you call the Marine Traffic App on, it presents itself divided into sectors. These are each listed as many vehicles are currently traveling there. Zooms to the cutout increases, the freeware solves these higher and explains what type ship that could potentially arise.

Legend down the vehicle types on

A look at the Legend of Vesseltrackers helps identify: Divided example, after Passenger, cargo or tanker Marine Traffic shows not only what type of floating transport is currently at sea on the way, but and their course. Color-coded displays the chart also fishing boats, pilot and tug boats and yachts one. Auto navigation aids such as Lightships, beacons or lighthouses lists the map.

marine traffic download

Clicking on the icon opens an additional window, will present more details on the vehicles in the Marine Traffic. Here you can learn, for example, the name of the ship, its dimensions and flagging, port of destination and probable time of arrival. If present, there are also Pictures of ships to see. For more information revealing a click on the button the ship, including about the last ports of call and more photos.

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Filter the Vesseltrackers limiting your display

Holt you look busy areas such as the Channel closer, you realize very quickly the benefits of various filters, which provides the Marine Traffic app. Here can be different one ship classes and hiding and so equalize the throng on the screen a bit. Clicking on the button layer also reveals interesting, can be here yet Advertisements of wind direction and speed also show how Ports, marinas and photos.

AIS data base also displays inland navigation

The map shows the English Channel still another aspect of the Marine Traffic App. The card uses namely the data of the Automatic Identification System back, which is not only in the sea but even in inland navigation is used. Accordingly, the free map also shows at what is going on rivers such as the Rhine or on channels like that, and that’s not just a little.

Registered users create their own fleets

Who by the way a Account at Marine Traffic invests, which may be his own virtual fleet put together. Here one summarizes ships that interest you most and pursued their way across the oceans constantly and in real time after. Clear tip for fans of seafaring At a round thing Marine Traffic is Overviews recently uploaded photos as well as the so-called port calls. There, the free app to Toggle latest messages and stored together ships. Conclusion: A great thing for fans of navigation and highly recommended.