By default, you are online with this Messenger around the clock. But you can the Viber online status and hide. Find out now how it's done!

Unlike the still-top dogs WhatsApp Viber is not a pure Messenger service. Although you can order just send as WhatsApp for free SMS-like text messages, photos, voice messages and short video clips and organize group chats; Moreover, the service competes however with the IP telephony software Skype from Microsoft, because you can also make calls with the mobile app Viber over the Internet for free and conduct video chats. That is - technically - the reason why one is always online with the Viber app. But there are ways to change the Viber online status. These are explained in the following instructions.

Viber online statusSo one turns the Viber from online status! (Picture: Viber Media Inc./Redaktion)

What's online status behind the Viber?

Since this is at Viber is an IP telephony software with instant messaging function, file transfer and video telephony users need to set up any additional account and instead use existing phone number, through the Viber app always in the background. In this way, the user can receive incoming calls and messages at any time. Conversely, this means that for other users to appear available around the clock online. The following step-by-step guide but you can hide it with little effort to Viber online status. off Viber Online Status - how it works:

1&# 46; stepFirst, the Viber application is started. Then the More menu opens.

Hide Viber online status(Screenshot: Editorial)

2&# 46; step: In the menu, select Settings is selected then.

3&# 46; step: In the Settings menu Various points are available. To hide the Viber online status, the point Privacy is selected.

4&# 46; step: Finally, the tick is removed, since there Viber for all major mobile operating systems of Android over iOS to BlackBerry, and also as a desktop solution, is not ruled out that the selection options under the item Share 'Online' status slightly different from operating system to operating system. So status as the iPhone under the item Share 'Online' taken no check mark, moved like Android devices, but a slider to the left.

tip: You can also turn off the function when Viber, see the other users, if you read a message. The corresponding field Send 'lakes' status is located directly under the Share 'Online' status.

Viber since 2010 on the market

What data have to disclose in a VoIP and Messenger service? Especially after the announcement of the global surveillance and espionage affair, revealed by the US whistleblower and former intelligence officials Edward Snowden in the summer of 2013, users in Germany and in many other countries of the world are aware of the issues of data protection and privacy. The WhatsApp- and Skype alternative Viber is on the market, initially only as an iPhone app since of 2010. The app for Android devices was a year later at the start. The company was founded by the four Israelis Talmon Marco, Igor Megzinik, Sani Maroli and Ofer Smocha. In February 2014, the Japanese company Rakuten has taken over the service.