With the TV app Windows 10 can now be on the new Microsoft operating system comfortably watch TV online. Who wants to turn fast times in a football game or miss any episode of your favorite series, should resort to clear app. Although individual stations or their media libraries can be called in each case through the browser, but real TV feel it does not come on. Remedy now provides a small tool that is already optimized for Windows 10 and comes with the easy-to-TV streaming on the computer.

TV app Windows 10

TV app Windows 10 - more than live streaming

While offering the app more than just a live TV stream for Windows 10. In addition to the intuitive handling which even works perfectly on touch screens, scores the TV App Windows 10 with numerous functions. But advance to the real question:

The channels can stream?

The app currently offers access only to German broadcaster of public service broadcasting. Foreign or private channels are not included App for Windows 10 in the offer of the TV. The 21 channels are: 3sat, ARD, arte, BR, BR alpha, einsfestival, one plus, hr, KiKA, MDR, NDR, phoenix, rbb, SR, SWR, Tagesschau24, WDR, ZDF, ZDFinfo, ZDFkultur and ZDFneo. Anyone who wants to stream 10 private or foreign radio stations on Windows, has yet to do on the websites of the individual stations currently. However, the app offers - from this shortcoming aside - many user-friendly features:

Functions of the TV app

With the Live TV Stream for Windows 10 users can not watch TV only online but get for the offered channels also equal to a television guide them. The free TV guide also provides interesting information about the current and future programs. Live TV Stream will be more comfortable with several settings. Then the individual stations can be arranged in any order or pinning directly to the homepage. A small high-light is the memory function. By sending reminder users never miss an exciting movie or an interesting documentary.

Compatible with Couchfunk

The app is part of the successful Couchfunk-entertainment universe. All devices can be cross-platform use with a login. Custom settings are automatically synchronized. As a pro-Universe users are also users all premium features available. The spectrum of the Dresden Social TV company include not only Couchfunk, football radio and a web widget around the television.