CW Sysinfo provides information about the hardware and software of your own computer. The portable freeware shows the current configuration of the Windows computer and also reveals the so-called product key of the operating system. Thus CW Sysinfo can read the data of the hardware and software, you must first perform a system scan after starting the program. After that, Freeware presented to the user a wealth of information about the hardware and software features of the computer. These are divided into categories such as system, CPU, network, or hotfix Report. WLW considering a new installation of Windows, but just does not have the product key at hand, the CW Sysinfo the corresponding number key in the tab "OS", Furthermore, the freeware displays more information about environment variables, programs in the Startup folder and running Windows services. With the free CW Sysinfo you have quick and easy data hardware and software of your PC or notebook at hand. Reading out the product key of Windows also saves the user to search for the Windows license number on the PC.