Android-x86 is Google's mobile operating system on standard Windows machines in motion. This makes the home desktop computer, although far from being a tablet and certainly not telefonierfähiges smartphone, but actually is for some netbooks than full-fledged operating system replacement.

Android-x86 Download: Android for Windows for free

This affects about Devices of the Asus Eee PC range and the Inspiron Mini Duo from the house of Dell. As the latter can be controlled with both conventional keyboard or touch-screen, is the Android x86 download Here is an interesting proposition for those who like to say goodbye to the Windows world, but its folding machines neither Linux operating still want to buy a MacBook. By the way: You can customize, maintain and optimize Windows and other operating systems can be found in the free utility downloads lots of suitable helper.

android free for windows

Using the mobile operating system in the test environment makes sense

Who wants to Android-x86 operates on a different computers mentioned, the is the test of the mobile operating system in a virtual environment set such as VirtualBox or VMWare Player urgently to my heart. Whether the current release client to peacefully coexists with the architecture of Intel or AMD processors, is in fact not secured. In addition, Android-x86 does in virtual machines rather underpowered computers little joy. A reasonably powerful PC with lots of memory, it should be for the test already.

Device on the PC similar to tablet and smartphone

Under these conditions directed to the Android-x86 to download for Windows a like having a smartphone or tablet in hand, including Google Play Store, apps and what else you may know from his mobile forth. If you activate the virtual installation of the mobile operating system with its existing Google account, which can also retrieve messages that would otherwise end up on the portable robot. Also stand ready contacts on the computer for retrieval, making the freeware to more than just a gimmick is.

So you can prior to the possible pending Replacing another smart phone system to Android on Windows See even if you come with the operation and user guidance zurande. Anyone using Google's mobile operating system is already on its way, which also is open to the option to retrieve his mail at the computer when the handset is again for repair. Also a lot of the favorite mobile games on the larger screen is Android-x86 nothing in the way - assuming it can be controlled with the mouse, which is not always given. Download as ISO, additional app collection available In the download area a place ISO file for Android-x86, which must be either integrated as a virtual machine or burned with writing applications, like CDBurnerXP and also a collection of Android apps. In addition, a link to the download page of the provider there is deposited, on which numerous, can be downloaded for hardware such as Asus Eee PC, HP Pavilion, etc. optimized versions of the freeware.