warns travelers as leisure and business before traffic delays due to strikes. Whether pilots' strike, train strike or strike of bus and taxi drivers, the free web app delivers daily notes and links to the current strike action in Europe. observed the labor dispute of collective bargaining from the perspective of the traveler. That is, the web service provides information on travel disabilities in national and international travel caused by strike action. The helper warns travelers example of pilot strikes, air traffic controllers or cabin crew strikes and strikes at the airport staff, strikes on the railways or in public transport. example points out the flight status of many airlines such as Lufthansa or British Airways. In addition, the Web service is the first information to the hand which legal means travelers have upon failure or delay of flights, buses or trains. Travelers in the aviation, rail passengers and motorists supplies valuable tips for stress-free travel, even during phases strike in the transport sector. All in all, a practical tool for business and leisure.