TARGET 3001 2023


At the TARGET 3001 Download says the program name "TARGET 3001 PCB Layout CAD" largely for itself. The CAD program designed complex schematics for printed circuit boards as well as so-called front panels and brings an extensive stocked parts library including gallery on the computer.

TARGET 3001 PCB layout CAD download for schematics

This includes more than 40,000 DIN or IEEE standardized symbols as they come in circuit diagrams for use. TARGET 3001 put users interconnections for boards up to a maximum edge length of 1.20 meters, whose conductor tracks can be set using a car router, in principle, without any user intervention – apart from critical areas.

By means of a simulator TARGET 3001 also checks the work results before final publication on their functionality. A three-dimensional view of the PCB completes the CAD electronics.

TARGET 3001 PCB layout CAD Download

Limitations of TARGET 3001 PCB Layout CAD

The trial version is limited to 250 pins / pads, two copper layers and 30 signals.