use with the phone SoundCloud offline: How It Works

use with the phone SoundCloud offline: How It Works

The online music service is extremely popular. However, many users lack the ability to songs by SoundCloud offline play on the phone. Find out here how to manage to do it.

Launched in August 2007, SoundCloud project provides for musicians a platform that allows easy replacement of their recordings and at the same time serves as advertising and collaboration space. In addition to the online presence User can also use the SoundCloud app download, to listen to music on the phone. Despite great popularity the fan base has to criticize one thing: the lack of the possibility songs and playlists play offline.

SoundCloud offlineuse with the phone SoundCloud offline: How it works! (Screenshot: Sound Cloud Limited / Editorial)

SoundCloud offline use: Only in a roundabout way

Users who have a SoundCloud account and use the app will have to quickly find that it to the service of one thing missing: an offline playback feature. As things stand, there is no way to play songs and playlists offline. The feature existed in the app once, but was removed with an update. The in-house blog tell employees that in the future an offline sync function to be integrated – when that will be, but no one knows. Until then, therefore, has to consider alternatives, finally, the online music consumption has several scary on data volume.

Options for offline music from SoundCloud

An obvious is so long just to change the service. For many but that is not an option, because the offer is very special already and musicians are really good hands. Therefore, one has to some detours to know just to help. We have a few solutions to listen to music via SoundCloud offline, provided.

use old version of the SoundCloud app

As already mentioned, there was even a feature that allowed offline play music, which was then removed. This is where the first approach: The user simply grabs a previous version.

At the function comes to the so-called music caching, which automatically secured music and ready made for playback. The user did not have to actively save music on his smartphone. So you bring them back:

  • First, the current version of the app is uninstalled. This can be accomplished in the settings through the App Manager.
  • Then the user the APK downloads an older version (02.15.02) on the PC and then copy them to the SD card of your smartphone.
  • If not already done so, now the option must be selected Allow unknown sources on the mobile device under Settings and security.
  • Then the APK looking in the file manager and install the app.

Now the music caching function should be back at which songs on SoundCloud can play offline.

Additional apps for offline listening

Another variant is to access without an Internet connection on songs, is the use of additional applications. So there are some, intended specifically for SoundCloud users, apps and programs that allow offline playback. Some of them are here:

  • (1) My Cloud PlayerThe app allows one hand to download tracks and also caching of songs. so that both functions allow offline playback of SoundCloud.

SoundCloud offline My Cloud Player(Screenshot: Sound Cloud Limited / Editorial)

  • (2) SoundCloud Downloader ProAfter downloading the app, the user logs in with his Soundcloud account and then you can easily download songs from the music service.

  • (3) Musicify: Also this app allows offline storage of SoundCloud songs. The app is just came out for iOS, but currently not to be found in the store.