Putpat Music TV 2023

Putpat Music TV

Putpat revived to its original times basically MTV. Without annoying ringtone advertising the free web app plays around the clock just music videos from – and does so very well.

Putpat Music TV download for your own music mix

Unlike music stations in the ether, the music lover needs music TV not content download with the selection that was selected by the editors at Putpat but confronts his own mix together. Thus the personal taste in music is made as far as possible exactly dividing Putpat with optional after registration optionally some of his favorite artists or their Last.fm account.

Putpat Music TV Download

inform favorite artists, genres and mood

This information limits the randomly played clips already a fairly well. the Veequalizer, a sort of equalizer proves to be smart with the sliders to the Putpat Music TV Download sets or units of various genres to the mood right sound can be presented. The corresponding settings stores the music channel as a so-called presets from either.

get interesting news from the music business

In addition, in Putpat Program: A Summary interesting news from the world of music and various specialized channels. Fans kept live music are also able to find such friends of German-tones or passionate Headbanger here.

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Putpat Music TV Download video clips

Putpat as PC successor to MTV and VIVA

Putpat can be considered a later offshoot of the music channel VIVA. The founders, Rainer Schütz and Tobias Trosse was up to its acquisition by the competitors for the MTV music channel VIVA responsible. Target group of the music video platform, according to Tobias Trosse not only the 13- to 29-year-olds, but also music lovers who have seen in the ’90s MTV. More than 40,000 music videos are available, which mainly come from the labels Warner, Universal and Sony. The platform is financed by commercials.

Putpat Music TV offers a wide selection of music videos

The mixer with the five sliders provides the music lover, the Ability to access their own personal music style. Here he can control the amount of a genre, an artist or his mood between zero and one hundred percent with each drive. The names of some artists like James Blunt, Sido, Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry are predefined and can be replaced by other artists or bands. Here are among other things, Eminem, Metallica, Helene Fischer, Cro, Linkin Park, David Guetta and Pitbull to choose from. Alternatively, the specification of the favorites by genre or mood can be done.

Putpat Music TV Download Veequalizer

Chart Hits and newcomers are represented in Putpat Music TV

Here the music lover example, by clicking Electronica, German, Indie, Hip Hop, Rap, Alternative Rock, Pop, Latin and singer-songwriter. The selected mood can be melancholic, relaxed and balanced. Those who want something groovy, selects party or Aggressive. Finally, if the music clip can not be specified, Chart Hits, new entries or underground should be. In addition, the required decade, came to their own favorite pieces on the market can be determined by the ’70s until today. Clicking on the "Come on"Button starts the individual music television.

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save personal preferences and favorites

The personal preferences can be saved and take the next viewing the video clips. Those who prefer to be surprised and just want to give a general musical preferences-default, simply selects one of the finished channels. These range from charts, vibes and jazz to rock, retro and indie.

Putpat Music Download TV channels