With the Metronome download Metronome is musicians a virtual clock to the side. The freeware brings factory installed 15 sounds of different rhythms on the computer and provides the option to create your own beats and save.

Metronome Download as a precise clock for musicians

Their pace is adjustable and also make flexible thanks to various tools to breathtaking 300 BPM. Variable tempos are with the Metronome Download possible as well as an increase in speed, repetitions and different time signatures. Metronome is rounded off by a visualization of the attacks. Conveniently, the clock does not require installation, so is also suitable for portable use on a USB stick & Co.

Metronome download

increase or decrease the tempo beats

The operation of the freeware is not too difficult. The tempo is set to 80 strokes per minute and can optionally be increased with the plus and minus buttons or decreased. It is even faster by clicking on the buttons below 80 to 160.

15 instruments are available

Under Sound 1, 2 Sound and Sound 3 respectively 15 different musical sounds and instruments are available, which are selectable by clicking on the buttons A to O after Metronome download. Thus, the clock can be used with deep drums or high bell tones. Exemplified are the individual punches in the bottom bar, which is provided with the numbers 1 to 12

pretend Metronome clock uncomplicated

Each strike the respective window lights up briefly. The clock can be set by beat. Here, the following variants can be selected: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 6/8, 9/8 and 12/8. Again optionally be selected using the plus and minus buttons or directly with the buttons below the beats.

Metronome Download Full Screen

Metronome with built Prgrammeditor

The virtual metronome is set with the space bar in motion and stopped again. The tempo increases or reduces the user at any time using the arrow keys up and down, as the beat with the arrow keys left and right. In the middle of the program window several useful buttons can be found. Go with the metronome starts. If simultaneously Full is selected, the window can be seen in full-screen mode. A delay can be installed with delay before the beats begin. Save and Load serve to hold its own clock sequences and reproduce. Useful is the ability to create with the program editor very individual consequences of pace count and beat and start them at any time. Other useful tools for musicians, see our software catalog for free download.