Of the Weaverslave Download bring a clear code editor on the computer. Thanks to the sectioned interface, syntax highlighting and an index card system will always keep the overview during programming.

keep track with the Weaverslave Download

After downloading the code editor is installed quickly. The program looks at first glance slightly overweight, but after a relatively short training period is clear that all functions are valid. The editor supports the programming languages ​​C ++ Script, CSS, Haskell, HTML, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, Pascal Script, Perl, PHP, PL / SQL, Plain Text, Python, Smalworld Magik, VBScript, Visual FoxPro and XSL. The built-in syntax highlighting makes it easier to locate basic programming errors.

Easier programming with the Weaverslave

The user interface of, named after the harvestman, the program is divided into three main areas, the editor window, functions, and index cards.

Weaverslave Download

In Weaverslave downloading multiple documents can be opened simultaneously. The arrangement is entirely up to the user. To ensure that you do not lose track, there is the bottom of the Tools folder tree and a file browser. Above, the taskbar can be found, as usual. There are the most frequently used functions and the selection of the programming environment. The standard Windows shortcuts for saving, deleting, step back and also work within the program. The Find and Replace feature is particularly sophisticated. Especially with extensive code changes that is extremely practical. The preview of the results can then immediately take place in the browser. all changes are Diff show clearly displayed. The lines of code are displayed next to each other and differences highlighted. Among them there is a list of all changes made.

HTML editor with pre-programmed tags

Tags and snippets can be found at Weaverslave also in the taskbar again. There can be structure and alignment, font, font, tables, forms, lists, frames, select Multimedia tags and codes in the drop-down menu or insert via hotkeys. In addition, numerous commands for events can be selected. In addition, the automatic translation of special characters simplifies the work in the respective language. If you are not sure or want to use a character that is not on the keyboard, find the tab for special characters in the right program area. There, 96 symbols including their codes are listed, which can be inserted with a click into the code. Also in the index cards, the color selection is. Colors can be determined both values ​​as well as via the optical selection. Thus, up to 14 personalized colors can be saved.

Weaverslave Download colors

Solid code editor with all the necessary functions The last update of Weaverslave to download was published on 7 December of 2005. Yet despite the large number of new free HTML editors, the tool is still popular. It fulfills all the basic functions and is easy to understand for programming beginners.