speed monitor

Of the Speed ​​Monitor Download measures and compares the speed of Internet connections. It is the free app win no matter whether it is a Netzanschlauf based on DSL, cable, LTE or WiFi.

Download Speed ​​Monitor measures the speed of upload and download

The free Speed ​​Monitor checked not only the speed of upload and download. The freeware also captures the average load time of web pages as well as the latency determined by PING. To get a more detailed overview of the average grid connection, the tool stores data from each measurement in a history. Here, users can provide information on the location of the measurement and the network used. So you can see the measured data at any time, analyze and compare.

Speed ​​Monitor provides an analysis of the data consumption of individual Internet connections as well as the display of current network data on the home screen via live tile. A comparison of places or connections as well as interesting for professionals to configure their own servers complete the free network tool. All in all, a successful alternative to comparable web apps such as Speedtest.net.

Speed ​​Monitor Download