Activate Windows 10 classic view: Here's How!

Activate Windows 10 classic view: Here’s How!

Windows 10: Classic View activate and bring back the Start menu? We’ll tell you how to bring the Windows 7 look on the computer and adapt it to your needs and preferences!

Anyone Windows can not get used to the design of the operating system after 10 download, both the Classic Start menu in Windows 7 as well as the old Explorer and proven shortcuts can retrieve. Since these can not be retrieved internally in the system since Windows 8, users have to resort to an alternative tool and download Classic Shell.

Windows 10 classic viewWindows 10 with a classic view, thanks to Classic Shell. (Photo: Ivo Beltchev)

Windows 10: classic view with Classic Shell

After downloading the tool, the application is more than simple. During the installation you can specify whether only the Start menu in Windows 10 represented as a classic view or whether the Windows Explorer to be added to a toolbar that displays the data information simultaneously. If you like it very old-fashioned, the files can even be displayed in a tree structure.

The rebirth of the Start button

One of the most important and most missed things since Windows 8 is the start button. These too can claw back with Classic Shell. In addition, numerous settings to individual needs can be adapted. These include:

  • The design of the Start menu
  • The settings of the control
  • The management of special items
  • The adjustment of the main menu
  • Setting general actions
  • Sounds and language

Is under Show all settings a check mark is set, the application revealed their full potential. Here you can click through various options, and customize the operating system in countless points and optimize to your own needs easily.

The extra: the classic Internet Explorer brings back the loading bellows

Even if Internet Explorer does not enjoy the best reputation among browsers, it also has some fans. Whoever wants to can use the following functions by downloading Classic Shell Classic with IE:

  • Title bar with labeling indicating the full title of the page
  • Display of the security zone in the status bar
  • Display charging in the status bar

saving resources and reliable tool

Here Classic Shell is just under seven MB is tiny, the mitstartet automatically, but can be deactivated with the key combination Shift + Windows key and unceremoniously when Windows 10 is required instead of the classic view. Thus the little helper is a reliable and resource-saving tool, which – once adjusted – time and energy savings by providing common arrangements and time-tested functions for the current operating system from Microsoft. reveals more about the free software and its various possibilities in great detail on this video: