The popular online radio service has extended its offer to the app market. The Radio for Android brings next Web radio stations and international channels and podcasts With. Clearly ordered by various channel lists of radio streaming service even comes with radio alarm clock and sleep function on your mobile phone.

Radio to go with the app

Listening to the radio not only at home but also quite comfortable traveling in the train, in the park or shopping? No problem. The app Bringing the Internet Radio on the Android smartphone. The free app brings it 7,000 radio stations With. The user is thus able to enjoy all the web radio, podcasts and radio stations from around the world. The repertoire includes pop, rock and classical music as well as pop, jazz and electro. The motto of this app so is: Who has the choice - are spoiled! app

Convenient operation of for Android

If the radio app downloaded to the user is a kept simple app interface. A toolbar with only four symbols, and a start screen with six icons indicate immediately to the main functions of the app. One comes from the home screen with just one click, among others, to Favorites, the last among broadcasters, the top 100 or to stations from the area. Using reasonable conceived Station lists and filter functions the streaming service also makes it easier to search for specific stations. For example, the transmitter can be filtered by genre, topic, country or language. In this way, you can also easily browse through the huge selection of stations app. This is particularly interesting for those who are always looking for new stations or music. Stations that one particularly like, can tagged as favorites be and are therefore easily accessible from the start screen available. app UI

Once you have decided on a station, the playback can be activated with a single click. The screen switches to this moment, to the details of the radio station. There, additional information on the selection should then be available. Among other things, the logo to the transmitter, the genre as well as the currently playing track. Unfortunately, the app still shows up at this point a small gap, because often these detail pages remain empty.

Android app with radio alarm clock and sleep function

But in addition to the aforementioned standard functions, the Android app brings two functions, which sets them apart from other streaming services, Internet radio: The Alarm and sleep features. With the built-in alarm clock you can be gently awaken from his favorite stations in the future. For this, only the corresponding transmitter must be selected, the volume and the time are set. can repeat alarm clocks also the weekdays on which the alarm is to be active, to be specified. A similarly nice gimmick is the timer function for users who like to fall when listening to deep sleep. Simply call the Sleep Timer feature on the clock icon and determine the time. Herein may be selected between 15 and 120 minutes. App Features

By the way: There is also a premium version of the app These costs uniquely 0.79 euro and is free of banner advertising. Diverse Internet radio stream for Android Music and especially Radio fans will get to the Radio App everything they need: Great TV channels, clarity and nice extra features. The quality of the stream with a bit rate of approximately 128 kb / s, although not outstanding, but adequate - especially for the typical way listening.