the free Driver Easy Download checks the timeliness of installed on the system device drivers and makes the need for current supplies. Besides attracting good features to upgrade drivers on computers without Internet connection and accelerating the often tiresome slow Windows updates.

Driver Easy Download - More tools

DriverEasy makes directly in the debut a good impression. The program interface is modern and clearly divided. start after you click the scan checks the free driver specialist the current state of things. Here, the Freeware Edition but is limited to check currently used device - updating Hidden Devices requires an upgrade to the paid Pro Edition Driver Easy. Who attaches importance here is to update the driver more free downloads. after finishing Driver scan The summary shows the current status. Clearly sorted by device groups intended to provide an indication of where hand is to create symbols. After clicking charging drivers to be updated System Driver including the file size of the upcoming updates are listed. A click on the device name opens a detail page that facing the currently installed driver with the new version. Downloading the update can be started individually for each device here. The free version is limited in speed, for the full power the paid version is due. The same applies to Download all drivers with a click on the button Download All.

Driver Easy Download

After the drivers download was carried out, are on the Install button several options available:

  • To install: Starts the driver update
  • Erase: Removes the downloaded file from the hard disk
  • open folder: Shows the location of the driver
  • hide entryCloses the device from the next update check out
  • Error Report: If the downloaded driver is not the right one, can have this feature, a report on the program's manufacturer Send

Check hardware and update drivers

Driver Easy Download Tools

In addition to the pure update driver the Driver Easy Download offers some additional tools that are accessible via the Tools button. About hardware information, the program lists installed internal and external devices clearly on grouped. This system analysis is to give an indication of built-up area, in the test the correct hardware was shown not always. For example, the built-in test equipment video card is certainly partly access not by the VPN software LogMeIn, here seems to DE on incorrect information. Here you want from a specialized software but a little more expertise. By uninstall drivers from the Driver Downloader, however, installed devices. This is handy if something went wrong during an update. After a Windows restart, the device is so new detected and automatically restore the default driver. As a useful security measure, the two functions would offer secure drivers and restore on - the purchase but this is also due. however, a good thing is the function offline scan. Can the Check Driver-date on computers without Internet and stores results in a file. The one loads behind down a computer with web connection and install them manually on the offline PC.

accelerate Windows updates

Updating Windows using the native Microsoft Windows Update can sometimes go quite tedious vonstatten. Here DriverEasy scores with a good function for Accelerating the Windows updates. Via the associated Windows Update tool freeware checks the current update status and lists as usual critical, important and recommended and optional updates for the operating system and displays the file size for each point. The selection of the desired actus takes place by check mark for individual entries or the entire category. The update Turbo the driver specialist then activated with a simple trick by the parallel opening of multiple download channels. Small flaw, however, also here: The Turbo opens in the free version two instead of five channels.

Driver Easy Download Windows updates

Limitations of Driver Easy

Free for non-commercial use. Lower download speed in the freeware version. No Backup and restore drivers.

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