check WhatsApp statistics on Android and iPhone

check WhatsApp statistics on Android and iPhone

Who wants to know how many WhatsApp messages he has sent and received at any time in a WhatsApp statistics look up. We show below, where hidden these statistics. now after the download of WhatsApp for Android, see their own statistics on WhatsApp and check how many messages you have already exchanged!

See Informative and interesting statistics WhatsApp

Fortunately WhatsApp messages are free, so it is for most users not important how many messages you have sent and received. Who is this insightful statistics WhatsApp still interested, which can quickly and easily find out the number of messages sent. The developers have added a WhatsApp statistics function in the app, which can be found in the settings.

WhatsApp statisticsWe tell you where the WhatsApp statistics hidden!

has there are interesting not only the bare numbers of messages sent and received, but also how much data volume of users through messages and media already caused. Again, this is meticulously broken down into data sent and received.

We find the WhatsApp statistics!

To view the WhatsApp numbers on an Android smartphone, the user opens WhatsApp and tap on the three dots in the upper right corner. In the menu he chooses settings and types then on data usage and there at the top of network usage. Here once erschient an overview with lots of interesting numbers.

WhatsApp Statistics Network UsageClick on network usage!

The number of messages sent can also be read as the number of received. In addition, the WhatsApp reveals statistics on how many media bytes sent and received. This value is of course not specified in bytes, but in common megabytes. The following are the WhatsApp data sent and received message bytes.

Statistics on outgoing and incoming calls WhatsApp

Meanwhile, since WhatsApp is not only a messenger, it also supports calls and video calls, the user can bring the number of outgoing and incoming calls in WhatsApp experience. Here, the WhatsApp Statistics informs also about the related data usage, which can be found call bytes in section WhatsApp.

WhatsApp statistics datasetsNumber of received and sent messages as well as information on the volume of data caused

How much data consumed when roaming through WhatsApp?

It continues with the Google Drive bytes and with the amount of data that were sent or received in roaming. Among them look interested WhatsApp users under bytes in total. Send / receive the entire amount of data that is exchanged via Messenger. At the end of WhatsApp statistics, there is still the opportunity to put it back completely. Here, also indicates when this has been done for the last time.

WhatsApp call statistics on iPhone

Who does not use Android device, but an iPhone also tap on Settings, select Data usage and scrolls in the following window to point network usage to view with an iOS device statistics. This falls substantively similar like on Android.

both iOS and Android – – reset when the user switching to a new smartphone, the statistics are. This also applies when using their own phone was transferred to the factory settings. Therefore, it is quite possible that the user has already sent significantly more messages with WhatsApp, as indicated in the statistics.