The Instagram search is actually not rocket science. With a few tricks you can discover a lot more and we tell on the social network but how. learn more here!

Once you download the Instagram app for Android or iOS is easy to detect under the microscope the search option. But you can also penetrate deeper into the search for the right image, the right inspiration or the most interesting account.

Instagram Search: The Basics

Click on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the search box opens. Most users tap the desired person, the subject or a place in the free text field usually. However, the search is more complex Instagram created, as can be seen on the four tabs at the top of the display. But actually there are five total options for inquiries:

Instagram searchThere are five versions of the Instagram search.

1. discoveries on Instagram

Opening the Instagram search without directly typing something in the text box for the query, users enter the area searching and exploring. See photos and videos to discover on the platform because of user behavior, timeliness, or high resonance. The best starting point to be inspired if you have any specific query or idea. you are looking for something specific, however, the options 2 to 5 are better. To only has the search box and touched it opens a new window with the four remaining options to get to them.

2. A mix of history and relevant accounts

Behind the List icon and our users a combination of the most recently accessed profiles, and recent searches. This point is the first address, if you want to stay with a particular subject or account up to date. you are in the search box, type a text, more results are displayed by relevance and relevance among the profiles, which you already follow.

3. The search for persons

In addition to the history can be found by searching for people. If one possesses a Facebook account, the app will automatically suggest all contacts with whom one is a friend and who also have an account with Instagram. But accounts of celebrities can be found on the excellent people search.

4. The search for hashtags

Besides Twitter Instagram is the tool that has established the use of hashtags. Hashtags are keywords that are characterized by the hash mark. Hashtags can not include spaces, which is why they are sometimes a combination of several terms. Especially popular are hashtags that begin with #insta; so as #instalove, #instadaily, #instafollow, #instagood, etc. But even ordinary search terms can be found on hashtags.

5. The search for places

The "Places" feature is still relatively new to Instagram. With so-called geotags can be certain places marked where a photo or clip was created - or vice versa marking a location on a screen. Particularly useful is this Geofilter for restaurants or venues. But even for users who want, for example, for their holidays see all Instagram Pictures of Florence.