4Story displaced passionate role players in fantastic online worlds. The free Game lets players choose between different peoples and characters. As a human, fairy or Feline one goes in 4Story on an adventurous journey through a 3D world. Everywhere lurking enemies who seek an after life. but the Warrior, Night Walkers, Archers, Mages, Priests or Summoner know how each with its own weapons to defend themselves. So you do not have to compete alone against overwhelming odds, you can make companion in the form of various creatures aside. The gameplay of 4Story turns out, depending on the choice of the virtual world differently. While in Valorian mainly clank weapons - and to be placed by the player to silence prevails in Derion magic. Gor, however, relies on trade and agriculture. 4Story impressed with a beautiful animated graphics. Although the freeware game is reminiscent of popular online role-playing games, it still offers a variety of ways. Only the discovery and testing promises lasting fun already long.