With a Windows 10 Restore Point the system can be at any time and very easily reset back to a specific time. We reveal how it works and what has to be considered!

Creating a Windows 10 Recovery Point clever and targeted

This problem many users will: After Windows 10 Download the system as time goes slower and more prone to interference. Anyone who has had enough of the constant flaws, the system can at least reset to the initial state or targeted to a specific time when it was still running properly and smoothly.

Windows 10 Restore PointWe'll tell everything to know about Windows 10 create restore point! (Image: Microsoft / Editorial)

In two other advisers, we showed how users Windows 10 to factory settings, and how they use the Windows 10 System Restore clever. Below, we explain how to put users at any one time even a Windows 10 restore point.

System Restore points are automatically set by the system

On the System Protection tab, click on Create to create a system restore point. These are also created automatically at certain times, such as after a critical system update. In addition, there are programs that create safe side such system restore points before making example, changes to the Windows registry or to the privacy settings. According to Microsoft, restore points are automatically created once a week and immediately before the relevant system events, including against major system and software installations or upgrades of Windows.

Windows 10 Create Restore PointClick on 'Create' to create a system restore point (Picture: editorial)

In this way it is ensured that there is always a return to the old settings if there should be any problems or conflicts. Each time the user can also create your own to the automatic restore points. To keep track, you should enter a short description for the restore point.

Windows 10 recovery point designationOptionally you can record a short description for the restore point. (Picture: editorial)

The reserved for the system recovery disk can be set

The restore points are saved until the this reserved space is used up. For further recovery points mercilessly elderly will be deleted. The for the Windows 10 system recovery unreserved portion of the hard disk can be set by the user. Watch out: If the user turns off the computer protection for a disk, all restore points are removed. It was only when the computer protection is activated later, the creation of recovery points begins again.

Windows 10 create a restore point - How it works!

Those who would like a Windows 10 restore point is, create restore point in the search box and click on the appropriate search result. In the emerging window it selects the drive for which the computer protection is to be set up. Clicking on configuring the computer protection for the selected drives can enable or disable. Who would not want that Windows creates 10 restore points can turn off the computer protection altogether.

Windows 10 recovery point storageenable computer protection for the selected drives or disable (Picture: editorial)

Windows 10 create and delete restore point

Using the slider, the user defines the maximum occupancy. Of course, more Windows can create 10 restore points when this memory is freed up sufficient. The maximum occupancy is a percentage and gigabytes. A click on the Delete button removes all restore points. The Create button finally used to immediately create a restore point for the drives enabled computer protection.