Of the FastViewer Download makes itself very useful in the application areas Desktop Sharing and Remote Control. Without much administrative effort, the shareware a connection between two or more computers via a secure Internet line.

FastViewer download for online team-work suitable

Whether one uses it for online team-work, webinars, technical assistance or the same for the remote control of the remote machine will depend on the particular circumstances of the user. Either way FastViewer consists of a master and a subscriber module, with the former as it were, serves as the control center. From this FastViewer component from the leader of a web meeting or the support staff invites the user of the remote machine via email. If these at the meeting, for example, video conferencing be deterred, file drag&Drop; transmitted, or in the case of remote control use launch applications or change PC settings.

comes in handy is that both modules of FastViewer require no installation. So is a use of the helper of USB sticks and Co from nothing in the way. In addition, since appropriate apps for Android and iOS are available, including smart phones and tablets with the FastViewer can be equipped.

FastViewer Download

Limitations of FastViewer

The trial version can be run per session five minutes. A 30-day trial version can be requested from the manufacturer via registration.