This free image editor is not only compact, fast and easy, but also provides important functions, digital pictures to be printed or the closing date for online photo services to prepare. The functions are extremely easy to use and similar to the Windows Explorer intuitively controllable. For example, to create your own photo books offline, you have over 100 backgrounds and layouts available! In addition, the software boasts numerous useful functions. Not only the unloved red eye can be removed, the brightness and contrast can be optimized. In addition, you can provide their photos with fun effects such as the mosaic effect, negative look or colorings. Also labeling the images is possible and burning photo CDs. If you feel the desire to keep your finished created virtual photo book in hardcover actually in the hands - a push of a button is enough for the order and within 3-5 working days, you and your scanned to friends enjoy. Similarly, you can make individual images perpetuate photo mugs, teddy bears, beer mugs or photo canvases. With the also available Murals can paper your room with your photo itself.

Limitations of PHOTOREPORTS Comfort

The editing software is free. Ordered albums, cups, wallpaper u. However like. Payable.