With the Download MAGIX FunPix Maker the user fetches a different kind of image editing application on the computer: For this alienated the selected images in an entirely unique way and the user can watch with amusement.

The download of MAGIX FunPix Maker for born jokers

This image editing application has nothing of the functions and features of the known other programs for image editing for free download, but it has it its own unique charm: it extended contracts, shrinks, dented, smoothes, turns and stretches the different objects or body parts in the picture and ensures guaranteed plenty of laughs.

MAGIX FunPix Maker makes for fun and variety

By downloading MAGIX FunPix Maker users to print grumpy-looking person Glubschaugen and a long neck and a long nose may miss. The pet is as compressed until it has mutated into a funny, small skein. Fortunately there is a reset button, who immediately placed the picture back to its original state. The user can play around to their hearts content until he is really happy with the result. With this tool can pass the time not only great - it also offers high-quality images for cards and gifts any occasion. Original and creative, it is the bargain.

MAGIX FunPix Maker Download

Without any Bilbearbeitungskenntnisse the perfect photo

The use of MAGIX FunPix Maker is intuitive and simple: with the mouse the user can deform the image according to his wishes and ideas. With a simple click on the tool bar on the left of the user interface, the user chooses his tool and can thus also more try in a row. If a partial result should not like him, he simply clicks on the green arrow directed to the left. Should he be dissatisfied with the overall result, he clicks on the red arrow, the reset button. This brings the image that is returned to the original state.

MAGIX FunPix Maker Download neck

However, downloading and installing the software takes time. For this, the user should bring some patience. Who wants to use the software more than seven days on a trial basis, which must register with the manufacturer for free. For clowns, fools and everyone else, understand the humor A Download MAGIX FunPix Maker is worthwhile for everyone who can not tolerate some fun and are looking for creative and original gifts. The application of the free tool is very simple and the result is immediately apparent. So it is with this image editor is a nice alternative to the standard software.

Limitations of MAGIX FunPix Maker

Requires a free registration from the manufacturer