Of the Standard Line Free Wage & download content facilitates especially small and medium enterprises to manage the salaries of their employees. The virtual payroll accountant compiles to this end, among other things, the master data of the staff as well as the health and social insurance.

Standard Line Free Wage & Content download for payroll in companies

The multi-tenant helper is also suitable for flexible working hours and calculated in the course of recording both over absences of each employee. In addition, the Standard Line brings reward & Content download a wizard for calculating tax-free supplements for Sundays and holidays as well as for listed weekend hours with the computer.

Standard Line Free Wage & amp; download content

Creation of wage tax returns via ELSTER

Standard Line Free Wage & Content reports on wage payments via ElsterFormular the tax office, created related documents and facilitated by DATEV interface data transfer to external accountant. the digital payroll accountant is completed by the certification of the ITSG.

Calculation of free shares for Sunday, holiday and night surcharges

The wage accounting program allows management of up to 999 clients, a breakdown of employees by payroll areas and a calendar entry by personnel number. Other interesting features for companies include the Display of total or overtime calendar during the acquisition and SFN Wizard to calculate the tax and social security-free shares for Sunday, holiday and night surcharges. Fixed reward data to a selected destination month stored. Useful also industry-specific calculations backed commercial data prove.

Standard Line wage & Content shows holiday tables and absenteeism

Additional individual calculations allow the user-definable job types and formulas. The pressure of the payroll records can be done in endless pockets and cut-sheet forms. numerous statistical analysis can be called up, for example, vacation and holiday entitlements overviews, absence lists, time sheets and accounts birthday and anniversary lists. Other features include the management of annual salary accounts, flexible working time accounts, recalculation of tariffs until April of the previous year, a net extrapolation, a print preview, accounting documents with data transfer in the financial accounting and payroll journal, wage types division and wage data evaluation. The execution of payment transactions by means of clearing / DTA, remittance slip, checks or payment list.

Standard Line Free Wage & amp; Download content requirements

Additional packages are available to the main program

Some additional packages for Standard Line Free Wage & Download content available from the manufacturer, including in the areas of short-time allowance, daily wage module, data center module, certification resources, payroll document printing on plain paper, as well as an import interface for time recording. Other programs in the field "Control & salary" Free download available in our software catalog.