They are the most important element in the colorful fun of strategy Supercell: the cards. And there are also a few very special. to have as your best comes at Legendary Clash Royale cards without having to spend money on it, you can learn here.

For Clash Royale Legendary cards it takes patience

The name alone makes the true players reverently gasp: Legendary cards. Which melts on the tongue. Because as we all know, is nothing without proper tickets. And this particular type can provide much more than the normal cards mob.But let's start at the beginning. Four types of cards there to snag app in the Clash Royale: ordinary, rare, epic and legendary precisely those cards, according to which each fighter finger-licking.

Clash Royale Legendary cardsYou can find Legendary cards especially with a lot of patience in Clash Royale. (Image: Supercell / Editorial)

It is quite possible to find Legendary in Clash Royale cards in chests - even voluntarily chests. However, the chances are very, very low. But the higher the chest value, the greater the chance of strong cards. Do you have a super magic chest, is the chance to get a legendary card, at around ten to twelve percent.

Strategy asked for the card hunt

Legendary cards are unlocked in the game gradually. And the best trick to get them is to open chests as efficiently as possible is. And since you need to consider a few things.

The time: If your divides your time accordingly, you can increase the number of your chests. Because remember, Silver chests need three hours to open, gold equal to eight. Imagine best alarm clock once the corresponding period has expired. And do not forget to fight in between to fill your chest stock again.

In addition, a few resourceful people have set off and a bit the chances of dropping Council calculated - ie standing as the chances of finding appropriate chests and if you then also found in these, what one is looking. In addition, one has given any thought to the cost-benefit ratio. Even who buys super magic chests, does not necessarily success. Have to be weighed properly. Practical information's in these videos:

The probability of chests:

odds & Challenge Chests - find Legendary in Clash Royale maps the probability:

Costs simply explained - use shop or deny challenges?

Clash Royale Legendary Cards: What's about?

With items that carry a "legendary", it's always a bit tricky. The do something with. If one then anyway invested a lot of time in a game like the Clash Royale app, since awakened in many again as this Jägerinstikt. Because somehow you have to have this legendary cards. At least a first. And then you see on ... and suddenly you find yourself in the middle, in the hunt for all the others. The "snap them all to you" idea picks up quickly.

For a long time the number of Legendary cards was quite manageable, but for months increases developer Supercell constantly new to the repertoire. Meanwhile, a very good number is gathered and more have been announced again. Bored with the card's hunting is not so. An overview of Clash Royale Legendary Cards:

Princess: Not be deceived by the exterior - this girl shoots from distance flaming arrows and left large area damage. but it must also be protected because it is very vulnerable. Unlocked from Arena 7 (Royal Arena).

Fight Wood: Mad wood that goes off on everything. Available from Arena 6 (construction workers workshop). Defensively, it is particularly suited to smaller forces. The Princess is afraid most furious before this block of wood.

Eismagier: Throwing shards of ice that reduce the movement and attack speed of enemies. To find from the fifth Arena (Zaubertal). The Eismagier makes good surface damage and slowing enemies. He plays well in cooperation with a force like the pig rider or Prince.

Inferno Dragon: Fire! His hot breath increases the damage over time. Will be shown in P.E.K.K.A.s playground. The Inferno Dragon works in a similar inferno tower, the damage is almost twelvefold over time. However, he suffers from a small range. The Lavahund can serve as a shield. He can defend well troops.

Lumberjack: Very angry, like the knights in combat - makes a lot of damage. After his death, he drops a bottle enrage buff. Has the blowpipe Puck The previous highest attack rate of 0.7. It is best used in conjunction with troops who defend him.

Sparky: Generates large electric surface damage. Available from Arena 6 (construction workers workshop). This card is causing the most damage in Clash Royale, but has the lowest attack rate. You can weaken a Sparky Arena tower strong.

Electric magician: Attacks with thunderclap and stuns nearby enemies. also hurls lightning. Find from Arena 7 (Royal Arena). It is best to use for cards that have a speed of attack than 1.7. He is well suited to Sparky, Inferno Tower and Inferno Dragon. However, he attacks only two goals and can be easily killed. therefore works well when used with troops.

Graveyard: Calls anywhere skeletons on the plan. Will be shown in Zaubertal (Arena 5). Best at first to be destroyed tower (not the king storm!) Use.

Lavahund: Flies and attacks buildings. And brings a few puppies with as lackeys. Available from Arena 4 (P.E.K.K.A.s playground). It occurs in two phases: first he goes alone to the start. he dies, a handful come puppy trotting in his place, to avenge him. And they are also the ones who cause the most damage.

Tunneler: He is in the subsurface and therefore can suddenly appear anywhere on the map. Available from builders workshop (Arena 6). It is especially effective in combination with the leprechaun barrel, as it functions as a tank and the goblins may do more damage.

bandit: Sprints to target and lands an extra large hit. Unlocked from Arena 9 (Jungle Arena). Defensive they should be put in front of the Arena Tower, so she kills cards like the witch or the magician directly. Attacking it is suitable for use on the bridge, in addition to small spells.

Night Witch: The night witch is currently not even find in the game - from the near future it is from arena 8 (frozen summit) as new under the Clash Royale Legendary cards available. She told bats that keep fighting even after their death. Making individual loss.

Clash Royale Legendary card selectionThis is only a selection of the Legendary cards are currently available in Clash Royale. (Picture: Clash Royale Wikia)

An additional trick for epic cards

The epic representative of the tickets are in high demand. You come to them a little bit lighter than the legendary. Do you have the luck to find a magic chest, you are guaranteed an epic card. In Super-magic chests six waiting equal to it.

But even with Gems You arrive cards. No - not just buy them in the shop! Because if your together saves 500 Gems, you can exchange in the shop against a bucket of gold with 10,000 gold. This in turn then can you in the shop against epic cards convert - and simultaneously increase the player level quickly.

The efficient opening chests of course also applies for these cards form.