Mobile operators, there are now a dime a dozen. But that’s not enough. Often, each vendor offers a variety of tariffs, with individual feed and withdrawal options, free minutes and more. Since it than Otto Normalverbraucher can lose track quickly. Not so the customers of Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd. With the ALDI TALK app they have the options of the ALDI TALK mobile radio contract in a clear application always have.

Benefits of ALDI TALK app

The advantages of ALDI TALK app are obvious. Customers get a quick overview of the options of their ALDI TALK tariff and no longer have to wait until they are at home, but can always go get their account balance. Depending on the booked fare you can also book with the ALDI TALK app also convenient options to the existing tariff. Even a simple and fast charging of the ALDI TALK SIM card is possible using the app.

ALDI TALK appwho always have the collective consumption with the ALDI TALK app (Photo: ALDI TALK)

The ALDI TALK app on the smartphone

The app for ALDI TALK customers installed quickly on your smartphone and set up. First, the customer must download and shortly after accepting the terms of use. Everything else is automatic. When the installation process finally completed, the customer can open the app and for example, to query his account, add credit or existing collective hinzubuchen more options. The possibilities are very versatile. Who wants to have the app always right at hand, this may at Android Smartphpones place on the home screen. As with other apps, even, you need only to its icon in which case, the ALDI TALK app icon, press and hold on the touch screen and then drag to the desired location.

Setting ALDI TALK appThe tariff offer has become very broad. (Picture: ALDI TALK)

Development of the provider ALDI TALK

For customers of mobile operator ALDI TALK app is certainly a useful invention, because the tariff offer is now very diverse. What began with prepaid plans years ago, has become quite an extensive portfolio. So the current program include, for example, now more than just telephone rates, but also tariffs for mobile internet, with options abroad. Not for nothing ALDI TALK is currently the best known brand of MEDIONmobile. German contractor is the E-Plus Service GmbH & Co. KG. In 2010 ALDI TALK According to media research had more than five million customers.

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