Boot Manager Freeware for multiple operating systems

Boot Manager Freeware for multiple operating systems

Many users have recognized the advantages of Linux and the open-source operating system installed in parallel with Windows. A challenge in this case represents the boot manager, which controls the start of the operating systems.

Boot Manager – Lord of the Operating Systems

A boot manager is the intermediary between the BIOS and operating system (s). It starts even before the operating system and allows the user to choose whether he wants to start as Windows, Linux or MacOS. The boot manager is therefore always in demand, if more than one operating system is installed. However, the setup and configuration of the boot manager is complicated. Although Windows 7 brings an integrated boot manager, but with its configuration requires deeper knowledge. The supplied from other operating systems boot manager often does not work satisfactorily because they installed "Competing operating systems" only consider insufficient. So there must be, a solution. This reaches the PC in the form of external boot manager. They should be guided by their ease of use especially for beginners who otherwise by a "shattered" Boot manager can do much damage.

EasyBCD – Easy-to-use boot manager

They are an operating system fan and like to install multiple Windows versions in parallel and if need be to sometimes Ubuntu or BSD? In this case, EasyBCD is worth a look. The freeware makes the parallel arrangement of multiple operating systems breeze. It can be charged in addition to operating systems from the normal hard drive and those of USB and network. Boot manager entries to rename a few clicks, you also hides the EasyBCD menu. Extremely useful is the backup function: Before you change ensures so his old boot manager configuration. EasyBCD_1 EasyBCD

Alternative Boot Manager for experts

Plop Boot ManagerMore rustic is the Plop Boot Manager therefore. The free boat specialist will be installed on the front of the hard drive and manage all the installed operating systems. Individual partitions to hide, so users do not even notice that other operating systems are installed. In addition to the operating systems to edit from the free tool out and the Master Boot Record (MBR). However, this function should only be used with the utmost caution. A broken MBR prevents the operating system boot may.

Live CD – The alternative to Boot Manager

These boot managers you are prepared for the installation of multiple operating systems. But is a permanent installation at all necessary? Clearly not, as evidenced by clever live CDs. These operating systems boot directly from CD and do not require installation – perfect for experimentation. Next BSDAnywhere and Knoppix also start Polippix directly from CD / DVD. Such live operating systems also are ideal for data recovery and virus removal:

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