Excel Viewer

Excel Viewer opens documents created using Excel and other spreadsheets. The display program shows tables on the monitor and copies entries to the clipboard. Further, it prints out working documents. Although the Excel Viewer does not offer the creation of Excel documents, but it convinces as brisk viewer. The advanced interface in Office XP style to navigate in tables and changes between individual sheets back and forth. Individual entries can be searched and copied them for further processing in other applications such as OpenOffice. Who only reads Excel documents and no office suite installed, is well served with Excel Viewer. Because the software is from the MS product family, a high compatibility with most Excel formats is ensured. Who wants to edit Excel documents for free, reaches for OpenOffice. Supported Excel formats: Excel for Windows 95 (and later), Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel for the Macintosh (version 2.2 and higher). Since no new file formats was introduced with the updated version of Office 2013, Excel Viewer is likely suitable for the sheets. Starting with version 2007, however, the viewer requires the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack.