Dual SIM smartphones there are now quite common. This is handy, for example, for users who want to use their phone personally and professionally. But is also WhatsApp dual SIM-able to? Yes, you can use Android WhatsApp with two accounts on one device. That's how it works:

WhatsApp dual SIMWhatsApp use two accounts on an Android dual sim: That is possible - if one announces a second Google users.

WhatsApp is dual SIM capable and what is this needed?

With root privileges and various apps taking advantage of two WhatsApp accounts was on a cell phone with two SIM cards also previously possible - but extremely complicated. Since Android 5.0 Lollipop, however, dual SIM phones come along with the multi-user feature. For if the device has two SIM cards, you can also use two WhatsApp accouts on the phone now - without root privileges. And this is by using a second Google account on the device. This can indeed create fast, while also addressing the personal and professional WhatsApp use with two separate accounts, nothing stands in the way. And WhatsApp so is dual SIM-enabled:

  1. First, a new Google users must be added on Android. When you pull down the notification bar and tap the profile image at top right.
  2. With the + symbol a new user is added, the account must now be made fit using the Setup Wizard from Google. The wizard guides the user through the process.
  3. Then to sign up with the second, just created Google account on the phone and lands on the standard user interface, as she looked to-delivery time.
  4. In the new user account can now be downloaded from the Play Store or our download database WhatsApp.
  5. The program can then be started as well as previously used and refurbished. Here is therefore registered with the second number. SMS is a PIN, which can then be directly entered from the registry. Now still relevant (business) Add contacts and conversations about the popular message service can begin.

WhatsApp dual SIM SIM cardsEach SIM card has its assigned number. If the numbers are different, a WhatsApp account can be created per card.

Only one user active

So fast so you will benefit from two WhatsApp accounts on a dual sim and can now switch back and forth between users. A rocket science is not. However, note that it only receives notifications for the currently active user. That's a little complicated, and also a bit of a shame - because actually temporally simultaneous use is not possible. Moreover, it is not possible to use only one account on both numbers because WhatsApp is tied to the telephone number. But since you should separate Private and Business time anyway, perhaps the majority of users have a problem with the procedure.