install Windows on Mac: With & without Boot Camp

The chic design of Apple devices is tempting, but the OS is not so? No problem - we show how to install Windows on the Mac can. Now make smart and change!

For those who have not yet switched to Apple, because they can not get used to the Mac OS X operating system, we have the perfect solution. Just buy the device, but use the Microsoft system on it. Works with all Windows versions from XP, even with the latest Windows 10 download.

install Windows on Macinstall Windows on Mac manages over 2 ways

install Windows on Mac: two possible ways

Who does not want to engage in the OS X system has two now ways to use Windows on the device. There are, for a variant on the free support software from Apple called Boot Camp. The second option is to use a virtualization program. We explain below how to do it in two, and the advantages and disadvantages of these options.

Installing Windows using Boot Camp

The first variant, with which Windows can be installed on Mac, via the use of Boot Camp. For this route, there are a few conditions to be met by the Mac system. These are:

  • Minimum 2 GB of memory
  • Hard disk space 40 GB

In addition, you need:

  • USB flash drive with a minimum of 5 GB of storage
  • ISO file from Windows Setup
  • Internet connection and admin account in OS X as well as to access to Windows 10 features a Microsoft account.

Which Mac devices support which Windows (XP to 10), you can read on this page.

Gradually with Boot Camp Windows

If the conditions are met, you can install Windows on Mac. Thus, the user is now available:

  • (1) First, the ISO file of Windows will download 10 and stored on the Mac.
  • (2) Next, plugged a USB flash drive and open the Boot Camp Assistant. The wizard is easy on the search (Spotlight) found.

install Windows on Mac bootcampWith Boot Camp, you can use Windows on a Mac

  • (3) provided in boot camp all three options with a check mark.
  • (4) The work starts in the wizard, it automatically selects usually the ISO file and the USB drive as a destination disk from. If not, you have to help out.
  • (5) Now, one determines the size of the partition (30 GB should fit).
  • (6) In the next step of the wizard performs booting the stick and sets up the Windows system there.

boot install Windows on MacThe wizard takes over the boats and setting up the system

  • (7) The user is now run as usual by the Windows installation. Who installed Windows 10, you can skip the product key at this point, but needs him late filing within 30 days. So until then buy either Windows 10 or 7 or 8 upgrade (free of charge within one year).


  • Boot Camp is available free of charge
  • Windows runs usual fast


  • Not an easy exchange of data between systems

Windows on Mac through virtualization software

The second option, with which Windows can be installed on Mac, is the use of virtualization software. Free you can use VirtualBox, but there are also the paid tools Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion. The process seems a lot easier. So you first:

  • (1) First, the user must download the VirtualBox for Mac and install it.
  • (2) Now the user simply follows the step guide that leads the user through the installation of Windows.


  • Windows runs directly in OS X
  • Thus, a direct exchange of data is not a problem


  • Windows does not run quite as fast