With free Scheduler Download can easily collect, display and manage their appointments users. The software for scheduling brings order to daily routines and provides a structured Overview of all dates.

organize busy schedules Use the scheduler download

The Program for scheduling was developed by two German computer science students and is ideal for structuring of everyday life. After downloading Administrator rights are required for installation. This limitation can be bypassed in the paid full version because there also a portable version comes with.

Scheduler Download

The Shareware is hardly demands on operating system and hardware. The program runs without problems on all Microsoft computers. The old operating systems Windows 95 and 98, and ME, NT, Server 2003 and XP are supported. Here, the organizer is also with the newer systems Vista and Windows 7 & 8 compatible. Of the practical calendar is a self-contained software which to display the dates no further Office & Finance software required.

Scheduler with a nostalgic look

Particularly younger users will surprise Download the look of the program schedule. Of the useful helpers date was developed around the turn of the century and bears all the optical characteristics of his generation. Who minimalist structured programs is accustomed is recalling his school feel. Owners of older devices without a touchscreen can look forward to a familiar navigation in the program.

Scheduler Download Navigation

The presentation of the calendar can be performed either as year, month, week or day view. The visual design of the scheduler is left to the taste of the user. The View as circle, cross, corner, triangle or dog-ear available for all entries. The issue of the daily plans are either a list or in an attractive timetable view on the Scheduling conflicts immediately recognizable are. Individual days and dates can be Highlight color and find easily, even with busy schedules. With this figure, for example, all doctor visits are seen at a glance. The program also provides a summary of the number of corresponding entries.

Practical Office Software

The scheduler has a download for the digital diary practical alarm function in his luggage. If necessary, the program reminds you of appointments and birthdays. For the latter, a fully registered birth is needed, because the software calculates at the memory age. Also in the shareware an address book is integrated. At this is even a Serial email feature connected, appointments which may facilitate enormous.

Limitations of schedule

The trial version runs 60 days, and remembers at startup, save and exit the software to the purchase option.